The remarkable results of Energize Your Heart are due to a method of inner reflection called Heart Rhythm Meditation.

Heart Rhythm Meditation involves synchronizing your breath and heartbeat to produce a rhythmic state of dynamic peace.

One of the easiest ways to learn Heart Rhythm Meditation is through one of our recorded meditations.

Read more about how Heart Rhythm Meditation works at our IAM University of the Heart blog.

Our double-CD set Energizing Heart Rhythm Meditation by Susanna Bair takes you through the Four Dimensions of your heart. You'll learn how to sit, how to breathe, how to use visualization and concentration exercises to move energy through your body, mind, heart, and soul, energizing your being on every level.

Our Sounds of the Heart CD by Susanna Bair gives you another powerful tool to energize your heart in all four dimensions: the use of self-generated sounds that cause remarkable changes in your energetic and emotional heart. You'll learn how to place the sound vibrations in different parts of your body, the meaning and use of different sacred words, and how to use specific sound practices for each dimension of your heart.